Welcome! We are Tesla Powered Products. We are an electronics company. We look forward to having fun in an environmentally friendly way, which contributes to the world ‘go green.’ We are determined and enthusiastic about saving the environment by phasing out gas products and producing electronic products only.

Our Mission

We believe that using environmentally friendly products can do a great deal in reducing harmful gases in the environment and help grow the surroundings in a clean, healthy way. Our mission is to make the world go green, and we have taken the very first step towards that in the form of Tesla Powered Products.

Our Essence

At our core, Tesla Powered Products has a profound basis in a healthy lifestyle, environmentally friendly ideas, and go-green electronic products.

Our Promise

We produce exceptional electronic skateboards, surfboards, bicycles, and various other sports products. We deliver innovation and are a symbol of pride in the electronic market based on our unique idea of this planet going green.

Made for all

Future of sports

Go green


Why Tesla Powered Products?

Tesla Powered Products has come to the world of clean energy with a unique vision and a great perspective. We deliver quality products. You need to choose Tesla Powered Products because we do not only concentrate on creating what is beneficial to humans but the environment and this planet Earth!