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The Electric Racing Motorcycle by Tesla Powered Sports is one of the most innovative products in its category on the market. Powered by a juicy 72volts, 30Ah lead-acid battery which reaches full charge in about 4 to 8 hours, this beast lasts for up to 350 charge cycles and delivers speeds of about 150km/s at full charge. The 10,000W QS brushless motor under the hood is designed to save as much energy as possible, thereby including energy efficiency on the specs-sheet of the racing beast. Staying true to its aim, the Tesla Electric Racing Motorcycle has a climbing capacity of 60o and a peak power of 10,000W.

In an attempt to provide a safe riding experience, the Electric Racing Motorcycle comes with hydraulic shock absorbers in both front and rear tyres. The rear tyre is further equipped with a spring to control the speed of the giant when necessary. In addition to the provision for a safe and comfortable riding experience, the motorcycle also has on board, double disc brakes; two at the front wheel, while the rear wheel houses a single disc brake.

In terms of build quality, the Tesla Powered Sports Electric Racing Motorcycle is indeed a giant among its equals. Manufactured in South Korea and assembled in North America, the Electric Racing Motorcycle assures riders of a breathtaking riding experience because in addition to being a beast on the move, it is also your road companion.

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In response to the increase in demand and popularity of powerful motors in the world today, Tesla Powered Sports has unveiled its own motor – the Tesla Power Motor. The three-wheeler which is combines elegance, comfort, and power to deliver an awesome user experience comes with a great deal of quality, not leaving out aesthetics.

Living up to the vision of being an eco-friendly power motor, a 36V, 10Ah Lithium battery which reaches full charge in six (6) hours powers the bamboo plated, pneumatic rubber tyre power motor. With a weight of just about 15 pounds, this battery juice is capable of delivering a maximum speed of 80km/hr for 70 to 80km at full charge. The lightweight motor is powerful enough to accommodate a maximum load capacity of 100kg.

The ability to be remotely operated unarguably gives the Tesla Power Motor an edge in the market. It can be fully controlled via Bluetooth connectivity, making the experience on this motor even more convenient and efficient.

With such jaw dropping specs, what else are you waiting for? Order your custom colored Tesla Power Motor today at a highly cost-effective price. The Tesla Power Motor is the best power motor for every eco-friendly sports enthusiast.

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To meet up with the great demand of free sports lovers out there, Tesla is pleased to announce the manufacture of her own Electric Skateboard. The skateboard designed for all skill category (beginner to expert) promises to offer the best skating experience you’ve ever had.

The Electric skateboard comes with four pneumatic rubber tyres bolted to a bamboo plated surface board which is durable enough to accommodate a maximum load of 100 pounds. The couple operates on a 36v, 10Ah Lithium-ion battery which can go as long as 25km at a maximum speed of 40km/hr. In addition, the skateboard comes with the ability to climb a maximum of 25 degrees, making it the best skateboard out there when you skate on rocky edgy surfaces.

Unboxing the Tesla Electric Skateboard, you will find the RC charging cable, an adapter, and your bamboo plate skateboard. The good thing about the skate board is that the color is fully customizable on order. So, while you cannot get a funky neon or sophisticated electric skateboard out there, this is definitely the best choice for you.

Do not be left out, come on board and get your feet on this electric beauty to kick start your adventurous skating journey!