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Sports keep a body healthy and active. And the sports that are based on rides or races gives a man courage and strength to go beyond his limits.

Sports-based on motorcycles, skateboards, scooters sometimes consume both the energy and fuels and pollute the land or air and damage the environmental beauty.

To save the environment and compete with the world’s digitalization, TESLA POWERED SPORTS is providing elegant, eye-catcher, bona fide designs of electric sports products for everyone and more specifically for the sportspersons.

We are unique in designs, easy to enjoy the ride, accessible, elegant, and environmentally friendly.


We provide:

Tesla Bi-Tron Electric Bicycle

Tesla Electric Mountain Bicycle

Tesla Skate-Tron Electric Skateboard

Tesla Electric Racing Motorcycle

Tesla Power Motor

These products have amazing speed and gear system gives a  smooth ride and increases the confidence of the rider.

When using these Tesla Electric Products, you don’t need to become a sportsman or skilled person. It is the best ride to enjoy for everyone as our products are made for all.

Tesla Electric Sports Products guarantee the safety of the rider and keep the earth safe from pollution.

Tesla Powered Electric Sports Products welcome your choice and customize the products in colors, style, specifications, and variance.

Now the ride has become easy to enjoy. Tesla Electric Sports Products has made the ride easy, fast like an eagle, safe, and smooth just like air or a flowing river.

With Tesla Electric Sports Products, it is now convenient to explore the mountains and cross various hurdles.

The quality of wheels, the battery power, the body structure is outstanding. Even you can handle some products through Bluetooth connectivity.

So, Don’t waste your time with old sports services and enjoy the ride on new, innovative, and stylish electric sports products.

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