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How to choose the best Electric Skateboard

There are factors to consider and evaluate if you want to buy an electric skateboard. You have to consider what your primary reason for purchasing an electric skateboard is. It doesn’t matter whether it is for traveling from point A to point B, for fun, commuting, or work. Secondly, determine how much power you need depending on the environment you live in. In the Netherlands, The ground is flat, so you don’t need a heavy board, but if you want to take your skateboard on vacation to the south of Europe, you’ll need some extra strength to scale the hills/mountains and beyond. Below we’ll explain some tips you should remember when purchasing an electric skateboard.


These are the key components of an electric skateboard, and we will also discuss briefly why they are so important.

Batteries: Recent battery upgrades are the reason why the E-class skateboard is so popular and why we wrote this article. The electric skateboard has been popular for years, but due to the heavy batteries that mostly weighed 20-30 kg, people hardly used it. Lithium batteries have improved in the last five years, the weight is significantly reduced, and protection is enhanced. It makes boards easier to navigate, and they are compact. The batteries now have a larger range, in addition to a safer and lighter surface. Please make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer when uploading your board because of the board’s battery life. Otherwise, you’ll play on a very expensive and heavy longboard later on.

Engines: Engines today range from 400-2000 watts. For a flat place, a 400-watt motor is perfect, but don’t think you’re accelerating in the hills as well. A 2000 watt motor can power up steep slopes overall and give you an extraordinary acceleration.

Controls: Most electric skateboards use a handheld wireless controller, which can be used when driving. The controls have light indicators that will let you know the board’s status, what percentage the battery is charged, or that the board has something wrong. The downside is that you are still unable to see the controller’s number, so we recommend charging with the board. Another downside of a controller is that you should pay attention to this and that you need to charge. We’ve already had a dead battery several times, and then just a sluggish and heavy longboard is what your electric skateboard becomes (it will go ahead, but it’s really heavy).

Wheels: All skateboard use Longboard wheels. They make driving over relatively rough terrain relatively easy, but they certainly don’t give you the same smooth ride like a bike. The only exception is the one-wheel that has a wide wheel kart that you can drive on extremely rugged terrain and even unpaved tracks.

Charger: The chargers are not all made equal. Some will charge your board within half an hour, or even less, while others will do about 3-5 hours here. Every electric skateboard comes with its own charger, so you cannot buy third-party chargers. While they still have no car chargers for electric skateboards (at least the one we’ve tested), you can still buy an adapter, but both the manufacturers and we recommend not to use it.


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