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Lets All Go Green

In our modern world, phasing out of gas products is becoming increasingly important. There’s a need for a shift from natural gas products to electronic/battery-operated products. Tesla Powered Sports products are powering this much-needed change.

Electronic powered products are becoming a major breakthrough in the automobile industry. Our electronic powered sports products offer you lower running and maintenance costs. The electricity to charge an electronic vehicle is just as equivalent to a 3rd of what it is buying gas fuels for the same vehicle. Also, our electronic product has successfully provided a panacea to the rising rates of global gas emissions.

How exactly did we do this?

We ensured that there is relatively little servicing requirements, no expensive exhaust systems, starter motors, radiators, and many other parts. Indeed, it is a GREEN REVOLUTION!

This is in alignment with our mission of “making the world go green”.

At our core, Tesla powered products have a profound basis in a healthy lifestyle, environmentally friendly ideas, and go-green electric products.

Our products range from electric skateboards, electric jet surfboards, electric bicycles, and various other sports products. All are electricity-powered!

The TESLA BI-TRON ELECTRIC BICYCLE has been the best electric bicycle specially designed to outlive your average push bike. The compact electric bicycle has been customized to perform functions your regular pedal-powered bike is incapable of. Though it can cost a fortune, it can perform just as much. It rides like a giant!

Having a zero cost of maintenance, it will definitely make a perfect car replacement.

The Tesla Electric mountain bicycle, powered by the ultimate Samsung lithium battery is another super-product we are offering for your comfort. With a wattage and voltage of 351-550w and 45v respectively,  its electricity consumption is more affordable than any you’ve ever imagined.  Its foldability offers free and unrestricted carriage on public transport( aiding your urban multimodal travel)

The Tesla Skate-Tron electronic skateboard will provide the thrill you’ve always wanted. Its a highly modernized electronic powered personal vehicle. Its weight sensor controller and handheld throttle help you to conveniently control its speed. While suiting your needs, its reliability has remarkable performance and an absolutely incomparable speed!

The Tesla-Skate-Tron is a water-resistant electronic that comes with a replaceable battery which can be changed in no time-A superb advantage for beginners. It’s sleek, the modern design enables it to skate through even rocky areas.

We produce exceptional electronic skateboards, bicycles and various other sports products. We deliver innovation and are a symbol of pride in the electronics market.

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